There is a reason why Exotrac relys on Android technology for our yms application to run on: it is reliable, offers full customization, and it is powered by Google. Not only that, Android phones have a lot of unique and useful accessories that will aim you in your everyday life. Below are the 10 Best Android Innovations.

1) Smart IR Remote

How many times have you tore up your house in search of your TV remote? Well Smart IR Remote is here to put an end to that. Smart IR Remote has 900,000 devices preloaded onto it, simply select the model of television that you have and begin binge watching the latest Netflix craze. The remote can even control your Roku, Google Chrome stick, and other streaming devices.

2) RedPepper Waterproof Cases

How many times have you fallen for a waterproof case that wasn’t exactly waterproof? It either keeps your headphone jack exposed (which ruins your phone when the water seeps in there) or it works for a few times and then the seal gets worn out and there goes your phone. RedPepper creates one of the best water proof cases we have ever used. We believe in it so much that we supply each of our Android phones with a RedPepper case since they are tough enough to handle the daily tasks of the yard rain or shine.

3) KeyRing

How many times have you signed up for a loyalty card only to misplace it or leave it at home when you actually need it? KeyRing is an application that holds all of your card information in one compact space. Simply load all of your loyalty card information into the application and count the savings. KeyRing even has a shopping list planner within so that you can view times on special and keep track of what you need when you run errands.

4) Tile

Tile is a tiny square that has GPS tracking capabilities so that you never lose anything important again. There is a hole on it for you to attach Tile to your keys or luggage and it is small enough to be placed in a pocket, wallet, or attached to a remote. Simply enable Bluetooth on your phone, install the app, and bam, you can locate your lost items in no time.

5) ICEdot

Here in New York there are many people that bike to and from work. But what happens if you get into an accident and you cannot call for help? ICEdot has created a compact Crash Sensor that attaches to the back of your helmet. In the event of an accident, your GPS coordinates are sent to 911 to send you help. The device also informs your emergency contacts of your location and of your accident.

6) LG Portable Projector

This compact projector can display videos from your phone onto any flat surface in perfect, 1080p resolution. Weighing in at three pounds, you will want to bring this little box with you everywhere.

7) Scribble

This pen can “borrow” the colors from around you. All you have to do is scan any object to capture their color. Then you can draw on your phone, tablet, computer, or even on paper. Scribble comes with a smart ink cartridge that is refillable and comes with 32 miles of lines included and 15 hours of battery life.

8) YardTrac Pro

YardTrac Pro is a yard management application that allows yard managers to manage their yards from any location in the world. They can dispatch spotters, schedule a spotter to shuttle carry over, and even send push notifications for updates to their schedule all managed through their smartphones. And, through Exotrac’s YardTrac Lite, you can pilot YardTrac Lite (YardTrac Pro’s boiled down version) for free for 90 days. To learn more about Exotrac, call us at 212.989.0171, or e-mail us at

9) Viber SmartStart

Viber is an application that can start your car, unlock it, and locate it. The app ca even open your trunk and control the internal temperature.

10) Hound

Hound is an application that can understand complex voice commands and can basically be your virtual assistant. Hound can book you a hotel reservation, order you food, book a flight, schedule a meeting, and get your cab along with many other useful things.

It is incredible to see how far Android technology has come over the past ten years. We are sure that there will be even more advancements in Android technology as more and more operating systems are unveiled. If you are still having trouble deciding if Exotrac is the right YMS system for you, download our latest case study by clicking here. Want to book a demo with us? Call us at 212.989.0171, or click the link below to send us your information at

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