To provide functional 3PL Logistics and Trans-Loading operations, outsourcing the yard and security gate through Yard Management Systems is the correct way to do it.

3PL Logistics and Trans-Loading Operations

Many retail, wholesale and manufacturing distribution companies are outsourcing the yard and security gate functions to 3PL Logistics and Trans-Loading operators. These 3PLs provide added value through their ability to bring improved efficiency and reduced costs to yard functions that are outside the core competency of their client customers. 3PL success managing these functions necessitates a strategic partnership between the 3PL and a solutions company that will provide real-time visibility of transactions and data. The Exotrac Real Time Yard Management System (YMS) provides a cloud-based software system to manage data and transactions in support of the 3PL operator. Exotrac provides added value and a focal point of enhanced control for the 3PL by ensuring real-time visibility of all data and transactions within the yard and security gate operations. Exotrac seamlessly connects the client company’s legacy systems (ERP, OMS and TMS) with the 3PL, creating a focal point to command and control yard and security gate functionality, achieving high level efficiency and accountability.

Exotrac also improves the value proposition for the 3PL on behalf of the client company and potential client customers. We see this most dramatically during the Request for Proposal (RFP) evaluation process, wherein clients already using Exotrac’s system are favorable to the idea of outsourcing yard and security gate functions to the 3PL. Essentially, having Exotrac implemented reduces the timeline and complexity for the client customers in transitioning to the 3PL. The Exotrac solution results in streamlining the company’s decision-making process regarding outsourcing these critical functions. The Exotrac YMS allows the 3PLs to proactively plan, organize and optimize their client’s supply chain. The result is supply chain efficiency, cost reduction and high level customer experience at an economical price.

“ The Exotrac system gave us visibility we sorely needed allowing us to increase our trailer throughput as well as improved our on-time dispatches outbound from our facilities. Yard jockey labor hours were reduced with our moves-per hour increasing sufficiently to allow us to operate each of our shifts with one less yard person.! ”