As a Yard Manager, there is almost nothing that we haven’t tried in order to ensure that our yards are functioning at maximum efficiency. We’ve went sat through almost every conference speech on the latest and greatest YMS application, and have even been courted into thinking that MYM was some fancy new concept, only to find out that it is the same exact thing as a YMS, except it is marketed differently. And we all know how difficult it is to find the perfect ruggedized device that is truly yard proof in being that it can be one of the greatest pains to have to contact to IT department and play the IT phone tag game just to find someone who can help process your repair into the land of tech support. Below are 5 tools every Yard Manager should be using because we know that it will change your yard forever in the best way possible.

1) Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

When paired with a Supcase this tablet is unbeatable in terms of speed, battery life, and storage space. The reason why we have paired our S2 tablets with the Supcase is because it comes with a built in screen protector that is shatter and water proof. Its design allows users to easily take the case on and off, and the screen protector has heightened sensibility so that your keystrokes will function the same way it does when the case is not in use. The reason why we love the S2 is because it has eight different processors, can function for up to fourteen hours, and it has a micro USB expansion slot to allow users to add in more data, which is perfect for the Yard Manager on the go.

2) YardTrac

YardTrac is a yard management application that comes in different variations, YardTrac Pro and YardTrac Lite. YardTrac Pro offers detailed reporting, inept scheduling features, and a custom yard map created to look exactly like your yard. YardTrac Lite is a boiled down version of YardTrac Pro that includes everything a yard ,manager could possibly need, including the ability to perform yard checks, security checks, basic reporting, and the ability to keep track of all of your assets. YardTrac Lite also offers a 90 day free trial so that Yard Managers can experience the difference of having all of their assets in one convenient program.

3) Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is one of the first military grade Android phones that are aimed towards a consumer market, so right off the bat you know that this phone is going to be good since potentially millions of people will be using it. Aside from the phone having 6.1 Marshmellow preloaded onto it, there is a wide variety of touch commands that can be performed on the edge of the phone. For example, say you are constantly accessing your Load In Reports as well as your Facility Transfer Reports, but you hate having to switch back and forth between them. With this phone, you can create a short cut to the reports you would like to access right on the edge. You will no longer have to switch between screens, all you have to do is swipe the edge to access the information you desire.

4) Socket Series 7 Scanners

When it comes to mobility, durability, and reliability, we rely on the Series 7 scanners from Socket. The scanners are small enough to fit into your pocket, can be paired with your phone through bluetooth, and are able to scan barcodes in any lighting condition. They are powered by either AAA batteries, or can be charged with a micro usb cable.

5) Zebra Printers

Zebra Technologies offers a wide array of devices, their most popular, and relevant, device to Yard Managers is their line of RFID printers which allow Yard Managers to print out barcodes and perform yard checks on their trailers. What we like about their RFID printers is the ability to print things by hooking up to the cloud, that they are energy efficient, and that they consume a small amount of ink. They are also wifi and bluetooth compatible which is one of the reasons why Zebra Technologies has rounded off our list of the 5 tools every yard manager should be using.

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