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Automotive Manufacturing

Keeping pace in the automobile manufacturing industry requires optimizing JIT (just-in-time) delivery of critical parts and components into their production facilities. Any delay causing critical items to be out of sequence is a costly mistake and is to be avoided. An effective Yard Management System that can provide real-time visibility of critical data throughout the manufacturing process is not only added value for the automotive manufacturer, but should be a requirement. Exotrac’s Real Time Yard Management Solution (YMS) facilitates the proactive planning and orchestration required within the automotive manufacturing campus. The system combines cloud-based software with leading-edge wireless technology to achieve real-time visibility of all transactions and assets within any one or multiple facilities

All constituent groups can view the transactions and activity being conducted throughout the automotive manufacturing operation. This visibility provides the management team the ability to immediately react to issues that may impact the efficient flow of raw materials into the production facility. Exotrac’s Real Time Yard Management Solution (YMS) ensures that the yard operation becomes the focal point to command and control the flow of raw materials and finished products. The Yard Management Solution allows them to proactively plan, organize and optimize their supply chain. The result is supply chain efficiency, cost reduction and high level customer experience at an economical price. Show Less

“ Exotrac converted our yard operation into an efficient regulator of raw materials and manufacturing support products into our production campus. The ability to see and understand the contents of every unit (trailer or container) supported our just-in-time philosophy. ”