About Us


Based in New York, Exotrac is the leading provider of real time logistics management software for the automotive, manufacturing, retail, and supply chain logistics industries. Exotrac’s innovative and cost-effective Yard Management Software solutions utilize the latest cutting edge cloud based and mobile technologies.

Each solution is optimized to businesses of varying sizes, helping them stay ahead of their competition. Exotrac’s real time view of the logistics process offers clients increased visibility, verified measurement of vendor compliance, increased employee productivity and efficiency, and real-time exception management.

YardTrac Pro Yard Management System

YardTrac Pro is an advanced Yard Management System that has premium benefits including custom built screens, GPS mapping of your yard, Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transportation Management System (TMS) integration, and the ability to select which functions you would like included in your yard management application.

Capture your unique process and optimize your site’s operations with a tailored yard management solution from Exotrac. From the gate, through the yard, and up to the dock – everyone has the information they need when they need it, to make the best decisions possible. Powerful reporting shows the critical details you’re interested in, and workflows guide users through their processes to maintain compliance.

YardTrac Lite Yard Management System

YardTrac Lite is our most affordable Yard Management System (YMS). YardTrac Lite comes with a free ninety day trial and comes with the basic functionality of the YardTrac application which includes features such as: check in and check out, yard checks, inspections, security functions, and simple dispatch.

Keep it simple, while still reaping the benefits of a yard management solution that provides you with new insights into your operation. It’s the easy way to know what is in your yard, how long it has been there, and what its current status is.

TracAhead Dock Scheduling

TracAhead is our in depth Dock Door Scheduling application that empowers Yard Managers to schedule appointments down to the level of which doors they would like their cargo to be loaded and unloaded from. Appointments can be restricted to client facility access, or opened up to allow carriers to login and choose available appointment slots according to set business rules. TracAhead allows managers to track their shipments from the inception of the appointment, to the arrival of the trailer or container, through the loading and unloading process all the way to departure.

Utilizing tailored business rules and programming logic, this solution automates processes such as dock scheduling and trailer placement without requiring any manual human intervention. Users seeking to schedule an appointment are shown only the information relevant to them such as their own loads and corresponding available slots and times. Upon arrival, users at the client facility can see all the specifics about the load and appointment.

LotTrac Yard Management System

LotTrac is Exotrac’s YMS system built with car dealerships and central storage facilities in mind. There are two different roles, including a specialized application for the car dealership and for the storage yard. LotTrac provides the ability to request vehicles between dealerships and the storage yard, as well as to track vehicles from any location to ensure that they arrive when salespeople need them.

Exotrac’s comprehensive, real-time yard management software solutions deliver high functionality and speed at an economical price point, giving businesses freedom from clipboards and walkie-talkies and providing automated yard activity data capture with enterprise-wide visibility.

Exotrac was founded in early 2005, and is privately funded.