Automotive Dealership/OEM Storage Hub Retrieval System

The Automotive dealerships and OEMs require JIT (just-in-time) arrival of vehicles into the selling plan-o-gram, ensuring “in-stock” position and allowing them to capture sales in an extremely competitive environment. Dealerships located in high density metropolitan areas such as New York City, Los Angeles and Miami have special needs for vehicle storage. The Exotrac Real Time Storage Hub and Retrieval Solution (SHRS) provides both dealers and OEMs the ability to store and track vehicles in multiple locations, equipping them with critical information in real time. Exotrac’s cloud based system becomes a repository of real-time data, documenting the movement and status of each vehicle in much the same manner as a warehouse management system (WMS) manages efficiency.

The storage hub environment may include multiple physical locations, and the Exotrac system follows the movement of the vehicle from the seaport or railroad yard through the various stages within the process: from stock-in (vin decoding and damage inspection), to bin location, to customization lanes (where vehicles are cleaned and kitted with add-ons) and the final processing into the trucks. The truck drivers scan the vehicle onto the truck, allowing the dealership to use the same android scanner for signature capture upon arrival. Dealerships and OEMs must be adaptable, allowing them to take advantage of every technological advancement. Exotrac allows them to visualize product in multiple locations, and produces reports on which they can depend. All at an economical price

“ Exotrac provided us with the ability to store vehicles in multiple low cost locations with the control and security that we needed. Our dealerships were able to see the vehicles at every point in the process allowing the sales team to update their customers in real-time enhancing the experience in support of improved sales and increased margin ”