Chemical distribution creates unique challenges. Exotrac’s Yard Management Solution (YMS) provides critical benefits for your Chemical Distribution company.

Chemical Distribution

Because of the hazardous nature of many of their product lines, chemical companies require enhanced control and tracking of all containers and trailers. Since much of their product is temperature controlled, they need to monitor temperature and refrigerator fuel consumption. For HAZMAT loads, the logistic management team needs to ensure their containers are free from damage that may result in spillage. They face serious challenges related to the command and control of their various facilities and campuses, necessitating real-time visibility of all assets. Exotrac’s Real Time Yard Management Solution (YMS) achieves critical benefits throughout the supply chain by seamlessly providing real-time data to all constituent groups, creating the essential supply chain link connecting the carriers, TMS and WMS systems. The system ensures valid real-time information that is actionable, empowering the management and control team to resolve issues and mitigate risk with immediacy. Clients obtain real-time alerts regarding critical issues potentially impacting the viability of trailers and containers within the distribution environment.

The management team receives alerts regarding each trailer/container advising them of damage, fuel consumption, refrigeration temperature and status creating immediate accountability.The yard operation becomes a facilitator controlling the flow of chemicals and by-products along with the attendant data into and out of the distribution campus with real-time visibility allowing our Chemical clients to proactively plan, organize and optimize their supply chain. The result is supply chain efficiency, cost reduction, spillage reduction and high level customer experience at an economical price.

“Exotrac provided us a higher level of accountability and control allowing us to plan more effectively the movement of product through our distribution campuses because we can now visualize in advance – “what product and type of container is arriving from or leaving to the various points within our network“.