Fleet GPS Management System

Exotrac provides an effective fleet GPS management system which tracks movement including: breadcrumb trail, speeding alert, and historical reporting.

GPS (Global Positioning System) fleet tracking provides a wealth of information and benefits to all types of businesses – real-time views of vehicle positions, trip speed, and full access to all drivers and assets instantly. Many of our clients use our Fleet GPS for positive vehicle tracking, improved cost savings and more efficient travel times. With easy setup and intuitive controls, our Fleet GPS tracking software can provide dramatic results.

Exotrac offers cost-effective and comprehensive vehicle tracking software to manage your entire fleet, big or small. Increase productivity and efficiency while optimizing usage of precious resources such as fuel, time, and payroll. Our cloud-based Fleet GPS system monitors all your vehicles day and night, keeping you and your business on the right path.

Track Movement
See a snapshot of each vehicle’s daily activity. View the vehicle’s speeds throughout the day and see speeding violations, getting the whole story of the day’s activity. Zoom into any time period to see the vehicle’s precise location, direction, speed and much more. A quick glance will tell you the basics, and you can drill down to get all the detail you may need.

Breadcrumb Trail 
Our GPS tracker updates our servers with its location almost constantly – every 3 miles, every 30 degree turn, and every 3 minutes travelling or stationary. This makes for an accurate, nearly live breadcrumb trail of each of your vehicles. An accurate breadcrumb trail will show you every road taken, with routes displayed on actual roads

Speeding Alerts 
Speeding alerts will notify you as soon as a driver exceeds the posted speed limit of any road. The movement display shows speeding violations as they happen, which allows you to manage the behavior real time. Speeding violations are captured and highlighted on the movement display.

Historical Reporting 
You will have access to all the information gathered by your GPS tracker for years. The breadcrumb trail and movement display track current vehicle activity and store it into historical reports for access whenever you need them. Filter by date, search by unit, and export to pdf.

By implementing a smart system such as YardTrac Lite, small businesses can be extremely competitive in the marketplace by utilizing cutting-edge yard management technology.

YardTrac Lite is built on Android technology, which is increasingly becoming mainstream in business applications. We have engineered it with specific adaptations for market driven needs of businesses that are not large enough yet for a major roll out, but still desire a cost-effective system of accountability.

Our Lite version operates on a Software as a Service (Saas) platform to make it simple to set up and use. And when your business is ready to move to a full featured Yard Management Software, we can migrate all your data to YardTrac Pro with ease.