Food distribution faces many logistical challenges.Exotrac’s Real Time Yard Management Solution (YMS) can help your business solve them.

Food Distribution Yard Management

Food and grocery companies face significant logistical challenges, such as the rapid movement of perishable products. Refrigerated vehicles need to optimize fuel consumption, which necessitates fluid movement into and out of the distribution environment. Timing is critical. Proactive planning and efficiency of all supply chain transactions requires real-time visibility throughout the supply chain. Our Food and Grocery clients obtain real-time alerts regarding critical issues potentially impacting perishable products including fuel consumption, time-on-property, refrigeration temperature and the status of each unit. Exotrac’s Real Time Yard Management Solution (YMS) achieves holistic benefits throughout the distribution process by seamlessly connecting all elements within the supply chain, ensuring speed-to-market of ‘dated’ products and improving shelf-life and profitability.

The yard operation becomes the conduit controlling the flow of product and the attendant data into the distribution campus and out to the stores with real-time visibility – allowing our Food and Grocery clients to proactively plan, organize and optimize their supply chain. The result is supply chain efficiency, cost reduction, reduction of perishable loss and high level customer experience at an economical price.

“ The Exotrac Team created a turnkey solution that reduced our company-owned trailer fleet by 50 while at the same time reducing our yard operation hours by 80 per week. We continue to achieve higher on-time arrivals from our vendors because of the reporting attributes of the Exotrac system. ”