Find the answers to your questions about Exotrac Yard Management Software before contacting us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is your solution cost effective?

We provide the most cost effective full service Yard Management solution in the industry. We make it even easier on your budget with our monthly fee based SaaS (software as a service) structure, which can avoid capital expenditure.

Can your system help us control our detention and demurrage costs?

Carriers and drayage companies are automatically alerted in real time by the system, verifying time-on-property of all containers and trailers, when they are empty and when ultimately the carrier or drayage company picked them up – increasing accountability over detention and demurrage charges.

How quickly can we expect to achieve our return on investment?

ROI is achieved within months rather than years, due to the low cost of our fee-based system, which requires little or no capital expenditure.

Can you help reduce the load of emails and phone calls?

Users can login from anywhere to see the information they need, so they no longer have to contact someone else to try to find it. We can create logins for your carriers to make appointments, see their assets at your facility and update information such as comments and materials management. Information about trailers and containers on your yard can be privately shared with individual carriers at your discretion.We can also send out alerts for various events, including: container empty notifications, out of service trailers, aging and hot shipments.

Can you help us get away from pen and paper?

One of our solution’s biggest impacts is the reduction of paper transactions. From logs at the security gate, to daily yard audits and driver yard move sheets, eliminating paper in the yard management process results in more efficient operations and greater visibility. Our system will accomplish all these tasks in less time and with better accuracy than paper forms, updated in real time to be current and actionable.

Can your solution help with safety?

We can promote safety in multiple ways. With our on demand Dispatch Move Request, dock users must certify that the trailer is safe to move before the request is sent to the yard driver. The system captures the time stamp and login for the request, which allows for accountability and promotes safe actions. Yard drivers can also be prompted to use chock blocks and certify that trailers are placed safely.

How can you tell that people are doing what they are supposed to do? Using the system?

Using our metrics and dashboards helps you keep track of compliance on multiple levels – from carriers to security, the yard and through dock operations. We have monitors to audit essential transactions and procedures, and alerts to ensure vital information is communicated.

Can you help me keep track of what is on storage trailers in the yard?

Our system can help you keep track of what is on all your trailers. Whether you want a simple menu of commodities, or want to upload BOLs or POs to trailer records, you will always know what is on your yard and where it is.

Does your solution have the ability to interface with enterprise legacy systems?

Exotrac seamlessly integrates with enterprise legacy systems (ERP, OMS, TMS and WMS) by accommodating nearly any type of file transfer protocol.

What type of hardware is used in support of your solution?

Since our web application is cloud-based, you can access it on your existing PCs capable of reaching the internet. In the yard, we employ rugged Android devices (over WiFi or cellular) and durable synthetic barcodes.

How will your team assess the current system and make improvements?

Our team analyzes the current processes to identify any opportunity for improvement, and we incorporate local terminology to keep it simple – achieving associate buy-in while reducing the training timeline. We do not simply emulate the process, but improve it through reengineering supported with best practices

Who has access to transactional information and how is it made available?

All constituent groups have real-time visibility to transactions, activity and the attendant data via any wireless capable device (smart phone, android tablet, laptop and desktop computer, etc.) with pre-approved access.

Can your solution work with my current TMS and WMS to improve pre-planning and reduce reaction time?

Our system performs as a conduit – effectively connecting the Yard Management solution with the TMS and WMS, eliminating the visibility void in the supply chain and enhancing your ability to plan proactively.

Can your solution improve our control of products requiring consistent temperature?

Yes, our system monitors refrigeration temperature and fuel consumption on company-owned tractor, trailer and yard fleets – providing our customers improved control of fuel costs while ensuring product viability.

How flexible (changeable) is your system?

Sustainability is achieved from the flexibility of our cloud-based system. As your needs change, we can adapt with you. As the volume or scope of your transactions increases, our servers can flex to meet higher demand.

Does your system allow us to access purchase order information?

Yes, we can interface effectively with enterprise order-management systems – creating real-time visibility to line item purchase orders from BOL down to SKU level.

Does your system allow for scheduling inbound and outbound appointments?

Our system allows customers to either manage all the details of their appointments themselves, or set rules for vendors and customers to set appointments with their own logins.

Will we be required to rollout the system all at once, or can we pace the rollout to our needs?

Our customers often ask that we run a pilot installation to understand the impact on their operations. We rollout the system in a timeframe based upon the requirements of the customer, and at a pace that is mutually agreed upon. We are focused upon smooth transition and continuous operation for our customers.

How much time does the average installation take?

Our solutions are normally installed in weeks rather than months. The typical installation takes four to six weeks.

Is there a way for your system to help us exert better control over our vendors and carriers?

Our solution is a verified tool for managing vendor and carrier compliance accomplished through: the automation of physical yard checks and simplified door plan management, in gate and out gate, door cycle and transit between facilities in real time. Partners receive email alerts and reminders, and all historical reports can be exported.

Does your system have the capability to inspect for damage and provide documentation?

Our system captures trailer and container physical condition inspections at the security gate, which we complement with android scan (including CTPAT compliance) and photographic documentation. The system also maintains a historical record of all vehicles entering or leaving the property, giving our customers the ability to ensure overall asset viability.

What can your system do to help us find trailers on the property that have time critical freight?

Our system enhances your ability to make real time adjustments to processing sequence resulting from the visibility of all trailer/container contents, status and positioning within the facility. You can search and sort your trailer pool by any category to identify what you need, and we can set up alerts to make sure you don’t miss anything.In addition, each yard jockey is equipped with on demand dispatch move capability through their mobile device – facilitating movements based upon the changing needs of the operation.

What are some of the added benefits we will receive from converting to your system?

Our system provides holistic, end-to-end benefits within the supply chain by providing a portal through which all elements are connected. The real time visibility aspects of our system infuse the enterprise departments with information – improving their ability to plan, organize, optimize and control the operations. When everyone sees and reacts to the transactions and data in real time, the result is high level efficiency and operational excellence.