Many companies find it difficult to adapt to new trends and technologies, leaving them behind their competition and stuck using methods that aren’t practical anymore. Managing your yard is just one example – gone are the days of paper logs, spreadsheets, and dry erase boards. These old ways are very prone to human mistakes which can be easily made, and very costly. These mistakes can be costly but they can be avoided. It only takes a few human errors to slow things to a halt. Avoid this with a proper yard management system.

What is Yard Management Software?

It is a system that tracks trucks, trailers and containers around the yards of facilities like warehouses and distribution centers. The yard management system provides tracking and real-time information on the whereabouts of any truck or trailer at the site. It is used to direct vehicles, receipts and shipments to optimize yard efficiency. Typically yard management systems are used in conjunction with transportation or warehouse management systems.

Yard management systems provide an all in one view of all the assets stationary in the yard as well as moving vehicles. With the click of a button you have the ability to see which trailers are empty, the latest arrivals, parking lot capacity, as well as any trailers that are loaded and ready to leave. With this sort of information at your fingertips, you can make decisions more quickly and accurately. An advanced yard management system can have a truly transformative effect on the overall yard.

Touch Screens and More

Many of these systems now offer touch screen devices that are highly portable and make it easy to enter or search necessary information. Equipped with applications and built in barcodes scanners, these devices are used for all yard management operations such as driver check in/check out, location and status updates, and yard audits.

The yard management system will maintain historical records for all actions. This is handy to determine things like when a load arrived, what time it left, and who were the drivers. It will also assist with appointment scheduling by showing which docks are open and directing the drivers to those docks, allowing for quick loading and unloading process times. This is how you will control what is going on in your yard easily and effectively.

Yard Management Software enables the yard to be run as efficiently as possible and always keep an accurate inventory. Touch screen devices like tablets and smartphones bring the power of yard management to the palm of your hand, making it easier than ever to streamline your yard operations.

New from Exotrac – YardTrac Lite 2.0 Yard Management Software

Our turn-key yard management application allows you to optimize your operation by increasing visibility and accountability throughout your yard. Key features of YardTrac Lite include: on-demand reporting, inbound/outbound tracking, yard checks, yard jockey KPI and simple dispatch. We have built straightforward, practical applications to manage your complex operational needs – powerful tools that are easy to use.

Get the benefits of a YMS in less time than ever:

20% increase in yard spotter productivity
25% decrease in cost per move
35% faster gate velocity
45% reduction of yard congestion
95% faster yard checks
100% full visibility

Are you still using pen and paper for yard and dock management? It’s time to digitize and get the benefits of a yard management solution. Break up the bottleneck when checking in and checking out at the gate. Know what your yard drivers are up to while streamlining operations throughout the yard. Improve the flow of trailers in and out of the dock by giving users the visibility they need when they need it.

Our yard management system doesn’t stop at your fenceline. We help our clients see beyond the yard to include not just trailer and container assets but shipments as well. Carrier logins enable visibility to trailers in the yard and at the dock from any internet enabled device. Track shuttle moves to offsite lots and satellite locations in a single yard management system.
Set up your site in days with our SaaS solution – the lowest priced full featured YMS on the market. Choose your tier with the features you want. Pricing is easy

YardTrac Lite is a Software as a Service (SaaS) based application – making start up, equipment and implementation costs next to nothing. Qualify for a FREE 90 Day trial of YardTrac Lite

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