Customer Support

Exotrac offers 24/7 customer support, so our team is ready when you need us. Our skilled engineers handle any questions from users, keep your system running smoothly and track product enhancement requests for inclusion in future updates. Our professionals are experienced in troubleshooting issues that arise from any software or hardware deployed at your site, so we can quickly diagnose problems and resolve issues.

Exotrac’s dedicated support organization offers these advantages:
  • 24/7 support leveraging presence of teams across time zones
  • Strong expertise in technical architecture and system interfaces
  • Functional and technical expertise
  • Breadth of experience gained through major implementations around the country
  • In-depth understanding of key Yard Management Software functional processes
  • Troubleshooting tools & techniques



Exotrac understands that Yard Management Software is a mission-critical element of a logistics system. It is imperative that people who will be working with the system on a daily basis are fully trained and prepared to use the system with confidence.

We ensure that the personnel at the client’s site are comfortable and well trained on the system through a rigorous training program. Exotrac strives to assist clients in becoming self-sufficient in their day to day logistical operatios with thorough and intensive training.

Exotrac provides in-depth educational programs that accelerate adoption of our cloud-based solutions. We feature unique training for each client’s needs including on-site training, live webinars and one-on-one training sessions. We tailor the training to include your data and demonstrate our functionality in the context of how you run your supply chain.

Tailored Training at Client Locations and Online by including:
  • One-on-one on-site training
  • System functionality
  • Easy-to-use training tools
  • Video and web-based training with our solution experts

In addition to on site training, we also provide live webinars to address any gaps in process or to introduce new features and modules.



Our team of professionals configures, implements and optimizes Exotrac solutions and ensures that the right knowledge and skills are transferred to the client’s organization. Our seasoned experts are trained to apply best practices and processes that ensure a smooth implementation of our cloud-based solutions.

Our experienced implementation specialists help our clients get the most out of Exotrac solutions. They help the client through all phases of implementation – from planning the project, to managing their objectives, all the way to making sure that the “go live” is smooth and seamless.

Our team offers conference, one on one, hands on and on the job training to make sure each person interacting with our system gets the attention they need and demonstrates mastery of their role to ensure success going forward.

Our Implementation Team Will Help You:
  • Identify cost effective solutions and employ rapid deployment methodology to quickly achieve ROI
  • Improve overall functional design
  • Conduct all phases of testing
  • Deliver training and change management programs
  • Support production conversion and operations
  • Manage all phases of the project, from design to implementation to support
  • Easily integrate our teams with your staff to ensure project success
  • Eliminate overlap and optimize resources