Exotrac’s New Innovative SmartVision

Exotrac Yard Management System

Revolutionize your yard management with Exotrac Vision Technology

Unlock the full potential of automation at the gate with Exotrac’s innovative use of vision data. Our technology transforms standard security footage into a powerful tool for comprehensive vehicle data collection, validation, and registration. This ensures that only the right vehicles gain swift access to your facility, optimizing security and operational efficiency.

By leveraging Exotrac’s vision technology, you benefit from robust data collection capabilities that enhance security measures while facilitating smooth traffic flow. Our solution is designed to improve turn times, significantly reduce demurrage fees and detention charges, and provide cost-effective monitoring and tracking to manage dwell times effectively.

The integration of Exotrac’s technology with your Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) streamlines operations further, reducing labor costs and boosting productivity across your yard. Embrace a solution that offers precision, security, and efficiency. With Exotrac, experience a seamless integration that elevates gate operations to new heights.


SmartVision Anytime, Anywhere.