Truck and Trailer Leasing

Truck and trailer leasing companies require the control and management of vast amounts of equipment situated at numerous locations. They must be able to assess trailer and tractor condition at each point of transition with efficiency and economy. Additionally, their economic survival depends upon rapid turnaround of lease units that are in proper working order, operating effectively and safely for their customers. In order to ensure high-level customer experience, truck and trailer leasing companies require real-time visibility of all company-owned and leasehold units. These companies must know where assets are, how long they have been there, their physical condition, how often they are moving and when they are due for maintainance – all in real-time. Exotrac’s Real Time Yard Management System (YMS) provides truck and trailer leasing companies the improved control and accountability they need to ensure viability of their assets.

Inbound security gate visual inspection and physical condition documentation (via android device) begins the process. Exotrac eliminates bottlenecks by improving the speed and fluidity of movement into and throughout the yard locations. Employees and management have the ability to pre-plan moves to optimize location and expedite processing. Exotrac provides real-time updates about location, status, fuel consumption and scheduled maintenance for all assets. Exotrac’s solution provides customers with the ability to dynamically assign movements of assets to the proper location within the yard, thereby optimizing yard jockey labor effectiveness. All moves are pre-assigned with the android tablet allowing adjustments in real-time to changing conditions and circumstances within the operation. Exotrac has a robust event management capability, providing alerts to all constituent groups allowing immediacy of reaction to exception situations. Exotrac provides our truck and trailer leasing customers the ability to increase security gate throughput, create effective yard operations, enhance their conformity to high-level operating procedures and streamline their operations, all achieved through the real-time visibility of activity within the yard operation. Exotrac brings efficiency, accountability and cost control to our truck and trailer leasing customers all at an economical price point.

“ Exotrac’s solution provided us with increased control of our leasing assets helping us keep track of every movement into and out of our facilities, capturing in real-time the condition and status of each asset. The system supported our achievement of lower yard labor and equipment damage costs, while ensuring the rapid turn of leased equipment achieving improved overall profitability and customer service. ”