One could say that any operation involving a warehouse or transportation could benefit from a Yard Management System (YMS). The majority of the demand for Yard Management System comes from retail distribution – these companies need to bring product in and move it out to customers, so they need to keep track of what is going on between receiving and shipping their goods. An advanced Yard Management System can help organizations in any industry with particular needs specific to their type of operation.

For instance, some food and grocery operations need to use refrigerated trailers. These trailers present a special challenge, because the refrigerator units must maintain a set temperature and must have enough fuel to do so until they are unloaded. A Yard Management System with real time updates and alert notifications helps keep track of this critical information and enables users to proactively manage the operation.

Manufacturing and distribution facilities get a lot out of a Yard Management System. Scheduling can help keep vendors accountable for timely deliveries. Real time updates keep the yard moving efficiently to meet quotas. Quick processing enables higher velocity for the whole operation. Timestamps for all actions keep detention and demurrage costs to a minimum.

How can a Yard Management System help supply chains.