Why Exotrac?

Keeping pace in the automobile manufacturing industry requires optimizing JIT (just-in-time) delivery of critical parts and components into their production facilities. Any delay causing critical items to be out of sequence is a costly mistake and is to be avoided. An effective Yard Management System that can provide real-time visibility of critical data throughout the manufacturing process is not only added value for the automotive manufacturer, but should be a requirement. Exotrac’s Real Time Yard Management Solution (YMS) facilitates the proactive planning and orchestration required within the automotive manufacturing campus. The system combines cloud-based software with leading-edge wireless technology to achieve real-time visibility of all transactions and assets within any one or multiple facilities

Elements within the supply chain positively impacted by the Exotrac solution:
  • Simple inbound and outbound appointment scheduling
  • Efficient security gate and yard checks
  • Automated door plan management
  • Integration creates seamless connection with enterprise systems
  • Visibility to all data and transactions in real time
  • Carrier and drayage company exception reporting
  • Trailer and vehicle physical inspection
  • Inventory management and optimization
  • Status and location of all assets and transactions over multiple facilities
  • Storage hub and retrieval system operates as outside WMS
  • Android scan to transport truck and signature capture upon delivery
  • Verified measurement tool for managing vendor compliance
  • Better yard utilization and labor optimization
  • Reduced overall handling costs
  • FIFO (first-in-first-out) prioritization
  • Minimized detention and demurrage costs
  • Reduced error rates and improved data integrity
  • Reduced expedited freight expense
  • Improved flexibility to adjust to changes
  • Yard performs as an enabler of supply chain excellence
  • Reduced fuel consumption on tractor and yard fleet
  • Capital budget is not impacted due to SaaS monthly fee structure
  • Reduced telephone, email and fax transactions
  • Access information from anywhere with our cloud based platform