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yard management system

Yard Management Software

Yard Management Software enables your customers to compete in highly volatile environments regardless of the industry. The rapid growth of technology has provided the American (and World) customer the ability to expect and demand speed within every enterprise value chain.

Our clients supply chain processes require flexibility and real time visibility of data and transactions throughout. This demand for connectivity extends to all facets of the value chain because predictability is the essence supporting efficient flow of information within the supply chain.

Our software, provides a central point of focus allowing the yard operation to become the command and control entity melding with the other important enterprise legacy systems to seamlessly manage the fluidity of the supply chain.

Decision-making becomes easier for the enterprise when they can see critical data in real time regardless of where the physical product is located. Our web-based software uses the cloud as the storage vehicle supporting the rapid transactional needs of our client base.

End-to-end supply chain visibility is ensured through the transmission of real time information through the web into mobile wireless devices. Exotrac’s Yard Management Software integrates effectively and seamlessly without the need for significant IT resources.

We can convert facilities to our software platform in weeks, rather than months because of the flexible architecture allowing the enterprise data from their legacy systems to be observed in real time enhancing the supply chain’s ability to react a comply with the ever-changing needs of their tech-savvy customers.

Benefits of Exotrac's Yard Management Software

yard management software

Our clients require agility within their supply chain operations to respond with immediacy to rapidly changing situations. Customer requirements necessitate seamless fluid information flow allowing the manufacturing or distribution team to proactively plan and orchestrate activity to ensure customer satisfaction.

Managers value a Yard Management Solution for the information they get about their operation. Each action in the yard populates an historical report, so managers are able to see what went on during any given time period and identify bottlenecks or opportunities for improvement. Carrier on time performance, yard jockey productivity report, door cycle time, and accrued detention rates are just some of what managers can find to analyze the productivity of their site and drive improvements.

Exotrac’s Yard Management Software supports its clients need to be agile enough to adjust operations when necessary to move product into position from wherever it is located to expedite the process. The visibility our software creates allows our clients the agility necessary to understand the status of products at every stage of the supply chain. Some of the benefits our clients achieve through the implementation of our software are as follows:

  • Many times inventory is not in the correct place for fluid processing. Exotrac’s software provides the client with visibility of trailer contents and location throughout the value chain. Our software provides instant access to information through the wireless devices keeping all management apprised of key information necessary to move inventory into the proper locations for expedited processing.
  • Our clients require the ability create efficient cross-docking mechanisms to allow immediate processing of critical shipments without physically placing the shipment into inventory. Our software. Our software allows these clients to scan the items into inventory and then move them directly to outbound positions eliminating handling and reduce costs all the while improving the service to the end user.
  • Damaged trailers and damaged product processing is frequently an issue for our clients. They require a software that allows them to rapidly document and notify vendors of damaged product. Damaged trailers also require similar notification to ensure that accountability of the damage is placed where it occurred. Exotrac’s Yard Management System employs wireless android devices with picture taking capability allowing damage of any type to be documented accompanied with an alert to the vendor responsible.
  • Exotrac’s software provides unprecedented visibility providing streams of actionable data allowing enterprise management to harness the data to predict and take action steps to mitigate lost time and inefficiency. Making adjustments proactively to anomalous situations is ensured by our software makes the yard operation the vital link in the supply chain.
  • We offer a Pro and Lite version of our software.

Effective Yard Management Anytime, Anywhere.

yard management system

Affordability of Exotrac's Yard Management Software

Exotrac’s Yard Management Software, is an affordable fee-based program that does not require access of the enterprise capital expenditure budget. Our team understands the economic pressures of today’s business environment.

We understand necessary our software is to producing efficiency within the supply chain so we create a scenario for our client’s conducive to return-on-investment in months rather than years. We work with our client’s and their budgetary constraints to create the best value added solution at the most economical cost.

Why Use Our Software?

Our clients are faced with the reality that whatever software they invest in today must be built on a flexible foundation allowing expansion and adaptation for future consideration within the enterprise. Exotrac’s cloud-based software combined with our leading-edge wireless technology supports the sustainability issues of our clients.

We understand their needs in terms of networking and interface, which is why our engineers designed software that is expandable supporting multiple platforms and enterprise legacy systems. We designed our systems to synchronize with the entire value chain dynamics matching the physical movement of data and transactions with the virtual to obtain the highest level of real time visibility. Decision-makers can be confident that Exotrac’s software will morph to the changing environment within their business.

Using our software you can manage and track all your trucks, cars and much more.

Yard Management Software and Omni-Channel Distribution

Our major retail clients are constantly in pursuit of a software and a solution to support their need to develop Omni-channel delivery solutions for their customers that are cost effective.

Retailers require visibility of inventory in a number of locations to ensure that they can provide accommodation for their clients regardless of the mode of transport whether it is; same day, next day, two-day or longer.

End users today expect these decisions to be made seamlessly for them and they expect them to cost them little or nothing. Our retail clients are supported in this quest by Exotrac’s software features providing real time visibility of inventory within the distribution center, in the stores, in the trailers, at the dock, in the yard or in multiple yards or containers anywhere in the retailer’s supply chain.

Competitive challenges are mitigated effectively when retailers employ our best-of- breed software creating the agility necessary to ensure proactive decisions are made providing the greatest level of service to the customer while controlling delivery costs for the retailer. Real time visibility allows this level of control for our retail clients supporting their economic viability in a very hostile environment.

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