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Exotrac Yard Management System

An advanced Yard Management Solution is just that, a solution to the problems and challenges faced in daily operation within the yard. This starts from when the loads are scheduled and follows the process from arriving at the gate, through the yard to the dock and back out again.

Gate operations can be significantly improved through the use of a Yard Management Solution. The biggest improvement seen by moving from paper and pen to intelligent software is coordination. A security guard can search an appointment number in an Android tablet and receive back all the pertinent information regarding the appointment: scheduled time, shipment/delivery number, BOL, even the location where they should direct the driver. On the outbound side, security is able to quickly pull up information to check the trailer and driver out and verify the shipment and seal number. This easy access to information increases gate velocity and eliminates one of the common bottlenecks that occur at many facilities.

In the yard itself, a good Yard Management Solution will allow users to easily take inventory of all the trailers in the yard. Typically, clients using one of our Yard Management System cut their yard check time in half versus the old pen and paper method. In addition, having move requests sent directly to driver devices saves time and increases accuracy. No time is wasted calling on the radio, looking for a pen, or writing down any trailer numbers. Furthermore, since drivers are given the exact location of the trailers they need to move, they spend much less time looking for trailers.

A key aspect of Exotrac’s Yard Management Solution contributing to the effectiveness of 3PL clients is the cloud-based software combined with the ease of connection with existing ERP, WMS and TMS systems. 3PL providers require robust connectivity capability to ensure visibility of transactions throughout their network of locations as well as within their client’s inventory and order processing system.

One of the key soft benefits of our Yard Management System is that clients using the software to augment their distribution functions are more able and ready to work with 3PL providers. Having Exotrac software in place reduces the transition timeframe and complexity, allowing Exotrac’s customers to interface with the prospective 3PL in less time and with fewer conversion issues. Exotrac’s solution provides the 3PL and Trans-Loading clients and their customers improved service levels and greater accountability – ensuring improved viability.


The competitive nature of manufacturing operations requires solutions which provide the highest levels of real time visibility to all enterprise assets, transactions and inventory. This very volatile environment requires a system that achieves end-to- end visibility throughout the enterprise and Exotrac provides the solution.

Retail Distribution

The retail industry is in a constant state of turmoil as big-box retailers attempt to remain competitive and viable. This eventuality requires software that is flexible, adaptable and sustainable. Not just any solution will provide the support necessary in today’s retail environment as the retailers manage inventory and omni-channel delivery requirements. Exotrac’s Yard Management System delivers the change management capability for our retail distribution clients.

Food Distribution

Food and grocery clients wrestle with significant challenges related to the types of products they move and the attendant equipment used to move these products. The items’ perishable nature requires speed to market unique to this industry, necessitating a solution providing high-level visibility at every segment of the supply chain. The systems used to monitor fuel consumption of refrigerated vehicles and the timing necessary to preplan arrival processing are delivered with Exotrac’s Yard Management Solution.

Automotive Dealership

Exotrac’s Automotive Dealership and OEM Storage Hub and Retrieval System provides our automotive dealerships and OEMs a software solution that ensures timely and effective positioning of all saleable vehicles into the selling floor plan. This software captures critical sales data, allowing the dealership working with the OEM to move cars into position within the storage hub just in time to be placed onto the selling floor.

3PL Logistics

Because of the competitive nature of today’s business environment, many companies are outsourcing functions that they feel are not within their core competency. Some of the fastest growing outsourced functions lie within the logistics and trans-loading operations. Retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers are all looking to 3PLs to provide solutions that improve their competitive viability and overall profitability. Exotrac provides software that enhances the capability of 3PL operations to satisfy the needs of an ever-demanding client base.


Exotrac provides software for our automotive manufacturing clients which creates the highest level of real time visibility of parts and components moving within and without the manufacturing operation. Visibility of transactions and activity provides the manufacturing team the ability to react to the preplanned arrival of critical items, ensuring optimal uptime within the manufacturing plant. Using our Yard Management System, attributes of raw materials and work-in- process are visible regardless of their physical location.

Truck and Trailer Leasing

Our clients must control vast inventories of tractor and trailer assets moving over immense areas of the country: into and out of rail yards, seaports, distribution centers and other locations. These issues represent a potential logistics and control nightmare for our truck and trailer leasing customers. Fuel consumption, detention charges, service levels, asset identification, damage and scheduled maintenance are just some of the issues mitigated effectively when our client’s implement the Exotrac solution.


Effective Yard Management Anytime, Anywhere.

Benefits To Using Exotrac’s Yard Management Solutions

Yard Management Solution benefits don’t have to stop in the yard – they can extend to the dock as well. Dock managers have full visibility of all trailers in their yard, including location and any associated data such as carrier, appointment number, BOL and commodity. Since aging is calculated individually for each trailer on the yard, FIFO rules can be enforced automatically by the system leading to minimal detention and demurrage charges.

Managers value a Yard Management Solution for the information they get about their operation. Each action in the yard populates an historical report, so managers are able to see what went on during any given time period and identify bottlenecks or opportunities for improvement. Carrier on time performance, yard jockey productivity report, door cycle time, and accrued detention rates are just some of what managers can find to analyze the productivity of their site and drive improvements.

A Yard Management Solution may vary in its goals or execution among different verticals. For instance, a retailer importing a majority of their goods from overseas is very concerned about detention and demurrage charges. The retailer would look to their Yard Management System (YMS) to track detention and enforce FIFO rules, as well as send out alert notifications to concerned parties. The manufacturing environment depends on timely replenishment of parts to supply their production lines, so they need to know where their loads are and quickly request them to the correct departments.

Exotrac creates customized Yard Management Solutions for companies of varied sizes in many different verticals including retail distribution , manufacturing, automotive, food distribution and third party logistics.

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