Why Supply Chain Businesses Need To Start Using Yard Management Systems

yard management system

There’s an important yet incredibly overlooked area in supply chain operations – and it’s Yard Management Systems (YMS). Some people have tried to use a Warehouse Management Systems to do the YMS’s job, but it has only proven to be a less than moderate success

What several experts seem to miss is that YMS goes above and beyond providing both visibility and insight into a company’s assets, something that neither WMS and the Transportation Management Systems (TMS) can do.

Simply put, Yard Management Systems aren’t merely designed to monitor the movement that happens at your gate – it’s a resource for increased security, theft reduction, better visibility, and overall optimization. By reducing theft alone YMS proves itself as a valuable asset, never mind everything else it brings to the table.

Both TMS and WMS users can and should integrate Yard Management Systems

TMS and WMS are fine by themselves, but they fall short when they are used alone. On the other hand, YMS can integrate itself into either system and provide a better insight into areas where the other two systems have gaps.

Using YMS transforms your previously compartmentalized system into a more holistic, unified one – providing an overall increase in productivity in all things supply chain related and a new, better way of doing things in your company.

Yard Management Systems also provides a broader configurability spectrum. You can manage things at either a more simple or complex level according to your needs.

The automation aspect in yard management

YMS is in charge of recording and using data to optimize the workspace. By optimizing the routes and behavior, YMS can leverage data into a more efficient way of working. It can also be paired up with workers’ handheld devices to automatically update route instructions, delivery schedules, and more.

It simplifies and increases efficiency throughout the entire company.

Dealing with inventory the right way

Trucks’ locations and other factors have always proved troublesome. In the old days, management sent

trucks their way and hoped for the best – but not anymore. Technology has eradicated such a problem and provided greater clarity into truck movement and positioning.

This can only be moved forward by implementing YMS. By clearly documenting truck related movement and activity, YMS provides a follow-up on everything the vehicle does and should do, even before it has left the company’s grounds. Anything that could happen, from a delay to any other consequence, could be informed right away to management and clients by using YMS.

Manual Yard Management hemorrhages money

Yard inventory is one of the biggest money wasting areas for companies. By mere negligence alone, thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment can be slowly degrading away as they lay away somewhere in the yard.

YMS not only prevents this but lets you know where everything is in real-time. By saving time, you’re also saving money – allowing you to turn an even bigger profit.

Managing your yard manually is nothing but a loss of time and money. Technology can relieve you of such a chore by doing it more efficiently.

Save time, money, and headaches by implementing a YMS today!

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