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There are a wealth of blogs out there that cover yard management that we use to help us stay up to date on what the industry is up to. Below are ten of the best blogs on yard management, starting in no particular order, let’s begin. 1)About.com Logistics/Supply Chain This blog, which is written by Martin Murray, covers strategy, importing/ exporting, RFID, operations, and many other topics. We really love his writing style and how Murray uses inside lingo in his articles.

2) Exotrac

Exotrac is a yard management software company that covers topics on their blog such as yard management, logistics, and technology.

3) Logistics Viewpoints

Logistics Viewpoints aims to provide logistics professionals with “clear and concise analyses of logistics trends, technologies, and services,” with lead contributors bringing more than 25 years of experience to the table.

4) DCVelocity.com

DCVelocity is a digital magazine covering transportation, material handling, technology and strategy.

5) Supply Chain Brain

Supply Chain Brain is a leading digital publication covering all things supply chain, their blog is called “The Think Tank” and is a daily source of inspiration for logistics professionals.

6) Women and Logistics

The field of logistics has traditionally been one primarily led by men, but that tide is turning. Women and Logistics emphasizes the increasing role of female leaders in the logistics field.

7) The Voyager

The Voyager is a blog run by Logility, they cover topics such as software, operations and technology management, inventory optimization, globalization and more.

8) Blogistics

ODW Logistics is an industry leader in supply chain solutions and a full-service 3PL provider supporting companies of all sizes. Blogistics, the official company blog, covers leadership, technology, optimization and more.

9) Cerasis

Cerasis’ blog covers manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, management and other topics of interest to industry leaders.

10) Penske

Penske’s blog covers company news, industry impacts, alternative fuels, technology, distribution, supply chain and related topics.

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