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In the modern era, many companies are integrating various software systems to help automate processes. In particular, the yard has begun to optimize by utilizing smart phone technology by using yard management systems. However, there are three questions you should ask before switching to a yard management system that we feel you should think about while shopping for different systems.

1) Is the Yard Management System able to Grow with You?

When deciding on which system to go with, scalability should be factored in. You are going to be making a substantial investment in the time it takes to train your employees to use the system, and the cost to purchase the system and its equipment. If the system is limited and doesn’t have additional features to it like a customizable yard map or real time dock door scheduling, which are premium features offered on apps such as YardTrac Pro, then you may find that you need to buy a new system after using your current one for only a few months.

2) Can the Yard Management System integrate with other Systems?

If your company already uses pre-existing tools such as wms, tms, erp, and/ or crm tools, you should find out if the yard management system you are looking into can integrate with them. If it cannot, you may want to consider going with a company whose systems can seamless integrate in order to cut down on costs and your work load.

3) Does the Yard Management ystem come with Additional Security Features?

Most yard management systems also come with the option to have your security personnel equipped with a security application to inspect the trailers in your yard. The benefits of having this technology at their fingertips is priceless in being that it will help you to have on file images of your trailers, when they were scanned in and out, and will ultimately help you to reduce your liability and the amount of damaged or misplaced goods.

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