3 Reasons to Switch to Paperless Yard Management - Exotrac
Paperless Yard Management  is a fairly new concept to the trucking industry. Virtual Yard Management systems first entered the market in 2005 – they were primitive, but were able to do the bare minimum of informing you where your truck was at all times. Since then new innovations have been made and you can now, with the touch of a button on your smart phone, accomplish many vital yard management operations: alter when shipping containers go out, communicate with your drivers, review what containers have arrived, review if your containers have been checked by security, and see the layout of your yard and where each container is located. However, 80% of businesses still use an old pen and paper system. This leads to confusion, does not provide the real time visibility needed to know where containers are in a timely manner, and is extremely vulnerable to being lost or accidentally destroyed. Below are three reasons why we believe switching to a Yard Management System will save your company time and money:

1) Easy to Implement

Exotrac will send one of our technicians to your yard to meet with your staff and begin creating an application tailored for your operation. Once the application is complete and we have emulated your yard operations, we will train your staff to maximize the efficiency of your yard operations with YardTrac Pro. Everyone will be trained on the procedures and goals of the whole system, and their specific role in it – from checking in the trailer or container, to dispatching the move request out to the spotter, running reports and the different ways the system helps to establish accountability and smooth out operations.

2) Saves Your Company About $50k a Year

An average company uses about three hundred and fifty pounds of paper per employee. The NRDC, or Natural Resources Defense Counsel, ran a study between 2004-2005 to see how companies who used thirty percent less paper could save money. They found that on average smaller companies saved $50,000. Large corporations like Bank of America, who moved towards online bank statements, saved close to $1,000,000. What does this mean for your company? It means that you will be saving money in places you did not consider. Not many people think of using less paper when trying to cut expenses in their annual budget.

3) No More Confusion on Where Your Containers Are

Your workers will be more productive while on company time. No longer will there be confusion on where containers are or searching for a yard check that may have been thrown away weeks ago. Your employees will only have to look on their YardTrac Pro application to locate the container in question. This saves your company both money and time. Deciding if a Yard Management system is right for your company can be a daunting task. To schedule a demo and learn more about our YardTrac Pro application, e-mail info@exotrac.com or give us a call at 212-989-0171.

Exotrac was founded in 2005, and is the leading provider of real time logistics management software for the automotive, manufacturing, retail, and supply chain logistics industries. Our innovative and cost-effective yard management software solutions utilize the latest cutting edge cloud based and mobile technologies. For more information on Exotrac visit exotrac.com.

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