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Transportation lags is a full featured YMS system behind other industries with their adoption of smart phones in operations. The main complaint is that the phones are too fragile and will not be able to handle the day in and day out operations of the yard. The second is that the phones that are ruggedized are outdated and sluggish. We have found a better way. Exotrac has been around since 2005 and has been the leader of affordable yard management software since then. Below are four reasons why supply chains should embrace the smartphone revolution.

1) Integration with Legacy Systems

Since the software is used through an Android or iPhone, companies such as Exotrac are able to customize the application to suit client needs. Select apps such as YardTrac Pro and YardTrac Lite can seamlessly integrate with enterprise legacy systems (ERP, OMS, TMS and WMS) by accommodating nearly any type of file transfer protocol. This effectively eliminates the visibility void in the supply chain and enhances your ability to plan proactively.

Software teams that specialize in smartphone YMS applications can analyze current processes to identify any opportunity for improvement, and can incorporate local terminology to keep it simple. This allows your associates to feel more comfortable with the change in procedure and reduces the training timeline. As your company’s needs change, the application can adapt with you. As the volume or scope of your transactions increases, servers can flex to meet higher demand – eliminating the need for costly upgrades or transfers.

2) Reduce Stress

It may sound outlandish to say that an app can reduce stress for yard managers, suppliers, and carriers. However, two of the top workplace stressors are phone calls and emails. In our YMS applications, users can login from anywhere to access the information they need and therefore no longer have to go through a middle man. This alone can reduce the volume of phone calls and emails by as much as 50%! With apps like YardTrac Pro and YardTrac Lite, carriers can have their own separate login. You set the rules to allow a carrier to make appointments, see their assets at your facility, and update information such as comments and materials management. If a carrier needs to switch a delivery date, they can do so within the app – and avoid the paperwork, e-mail requests and nagging phone calls.

3) Increase Worker Productivity and Safety

Some apps allow you to view metrics and dashboards to assist in keeping track of compliance from your carriers to your security detail. Most companies have monitors to audit essential transactions and procedures and alerts to ensure vital information is communicated. Our apps take advantage of the push notification feature in Android and iOS (a push notification is an automated message that appears over all running applications on the home screen). According to CNet, push notifications on an app increases worker productivity by 31% since it helps to streamline vital messages (view our previous blog, 4 Reasons Why

YardTrac Pro is The Future of Yard Management, to learn more about push notifications and our app YardTrac Pro).
Safety is always the top priority. With Exotrac’s on demand Dispatch Move Request, dock users must certify that the trailer is safe to move before the request is sent to the yard driver. The system captures the time stamp and login for the request, which allows for accountability and promotes safe actions. Yard drivers can also be prompted to use chock blocks and certify that trailers are placed safely. In the event that of a mishap or an emergency, a push notification will be sent out to everyone with a smartphone alerting them of the potential danger. This allows everyone to communicate effectively and lowers accident rates in the yard.

4) Real Time Adjustments

Systems like YardTrac enhance your ability to make real time adjustments, resulting in more efficiency transparency. With the touch of a button, you can view all trailer/container contents, the status of each trailer/container (if they have been loaded, unloaded, are empty, need to be moved, were recently moved, etc), aging and the positioning of each trailer/container within the facility. You can even search and sort your trailer pool by specific categories to identify what you need. Some apps equip their yard jockeys with an on demand dispatch move command through their mobile device, allowing you to facilitate movements based upon the changing needs of your operation.

These are just a few of the reasons why logistics companies should get on board the smartphone revolution. If you are still having trouble deciding if Exotrac is the right YMS system for you, you can schedule a demo with us today. To learn more about our YardTrac Pro by e-mailing us at info@exotrac.com or giving us a call at212-989-0171.

Exotrac was founded in 2005, and is the leading provider of real time logistics management software for the automotive, manufacturing, retail, and supply chain logistics industries. Our innovative and cost-effective yard management software solutions utilize the latest cutting edge cloud based and mobile technologies. For more information on Exotrac, visit exotrac.com.

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